Gurpreet Singh Dhillon

Gurpreet Singh Dhillon

Gurpreet Singh Dhillon
Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences
University of Alberta, Canada


Dr. Dhillon is a strong advocate for taking an integrated multidisciplinary approach for developing novel, eco-friendly & industrial processes. His research work is typically based on the concept of biorefining and involves waste management through value addition using multidisciplinary approach combining bioprocess technology, microbiology, biotechnology & analytical chemistry. To date, his research activities have concentrated on biotransformation of biomass into multitude of products e.g. biofuels, platform chemicals, biocatalysts, biopolymers, bioactive compounds, nanoparticles and treatment of emerging contaminants.
      Dr. Dhillon received several international awards and scholarships. He is the recipient of prestigious: 1) Postdoctoral scholarship (Quebec-India, 2I) for foreign students (MELS) by Fonds de recherche du Quebec (FQRNT), Quebec, Canada (May 2013- April 2014); 2) Merit Scholarship for Doctoral studies by Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), Centre Eau, Terre & Environnement (ETE), University of Québec, Canada (Jan. 2010- Feb. 2013); 3) Graduate teaching assistantship, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Miami University Oxford, Ohio, USA and ; 4) Graduate Research assistantship for doctorate studies, Department of Cellular & Molecular Biology (CEMB), University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA (2010-2014), among others. He has more than 55 publications which include 25 research articles, 10 review articles, 2 books, 20 book chapters and over 10 research communications in international and national conferences and seminars.

Research Interest

Renewable fuels
Enzyme technology
Waste management
Platform chemicals
Nanoparticles fabrication
Functional foods
Bioactive compounds
Mushroom production
Biocontrol agents
Microalgae cultivation
Emerging contaminants
Microbial pigments
Plant pathology