Giovanni Tosi

Giovanni Tosi

Giovanni Tosi
Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy


Dr. Giovanni Tosi was born on 1977. Since 15th November 2005, is researcher in the scientific field of Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Actually is confirmed researcher, at the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and belongs to the faculty of Pharmacy.

Research Interest

The research activity is based on the development of lipid and polymeric systems for the delivery and the targeting of drugs to diseased tissues or cells. In particular, the fields of research could be summarized as follows:
Drug delivery to the Central Nervous System, by using nanoparticulate vectors  in particular, the research is focus on the planning, preparation, characterization and administration of Np after surface modifications. By applying in vivo pharmacological tests, personally performed by dr. Tosi, several interesting results have been reached, confirming the high potential of these systems. In particular, the Np, loaded with selected drugs or labeled with fluorescent dyes, were found to be able to cross the Blood-brain barrier, opening the study to the possibility of a non-invasive treatment of cerebral pathologies. At the same time, considering the guidelines of the European Community and FDA, a number of studies on the biodistribution of these vectors, by using fluorescent dye and HPLC/fluorimetric methodologies.