Dr.Lixin Dai


 Dr. Lixin Dai obtained his bachelor and master degrees in Biochemistry from Nankai University, China and Ph.D. degree from University of Calgary, Canada. During Ph.D. study, he studied the distribution and three-dimensional structure of a catalytic RNA – group II intron. Currently Dr. Dai is a research associate in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

His research focuses on the most abundant human transposon – LINE-1. He developed novel high-throughput genetic and proteomic approaches to study the interaction between transposon and human host and identified UPF1, PCNA and SRP genes are host functions important to LINE-1 retrotransposition process.

Research Interest

 Transposition mechanism

Host-transposon interaction

Genome evolution

RNA, retrovirus biology

Proteomic study

High throughput screening