Caroline N. Dealy

Caroline N. Dealy

Caroline N. Dealy
Associate Professor, Department of Reconstructive Sciences
University of Connecticut Health Center, USA


Dr. Dealy received her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology in 1989 from the University of Connecticut, and was appointed as assistant professor at the University of Connecticut Health Center in 1993. Dr. Dealy is currently an associate professor at the University of Connecticut Health Center in the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Skeletal Development, Department of Reconstructive Sciences, School of Dental Medicine.
Dr. Dealy’s research program is centered on her long-standing interest in the development and disease of the human skeleton. Dr. Dealy’s studies are investigating mechanisms and potential treatments for debilitating human conditions such as osteoarthritis including osteoarthritis of the temporomandibular joint; limb and craniofacial birth defects, and traumatic skeletal injury. The overall goal of her work is to develop novel regenerative approaches for lost damaged or diseased skeletal tissue. Dr. Dealy is active in biotechnology and is the cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of Chondrogenics, Inc., a University of Connecticut biotechnology spin-off. Dr. Dealy is directing a partnership between Chondrogenics, Inc and the University of Connecticut to develop stem cell based approaches for joint cartilage injury and osteoarthritis. Dr. Dealy is active in mentoring and is also Director of a graduate PhD program in Skeletal, Craniofacial and Oral Biology.

Research Interest

Cartilage development
Limb and Craniofacial malformation
Cartilage injury
TMJ development and disease
Skeletal tissue repair and regeneration
Stem cells and skeletal progenitor cells
Arthritis Biomarkers