Atiq Uz Zaman

Atiq Uz Zaman

Atiq Uz Zaman
Zero Waste SA Research
University of South Australia, Australia


Mr. Atiq Uz Zaman is a lead researcher at the Zero Waste Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour at the University of South Australia. Mr. Zaman is an advocate of the zero waste concepts. His key research priorities include
• Investigation of current waste management strategies and practices with focus on zero waste concepts including sustainable consumption, production, recycling, resource recovery and waste treatment technologies.
• Understanding and developing zero waste management planning and design requirements for the community, city and industry.
• Measuring and assessing environmental burdens and benefits of different applied or proposed strategies by applying environmental assessment methods and tools such as life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Research Interest

Zero Waste Management
Sustainable Consumption
Behaviour Change
Zero Waste Design
Municipal Waste Management
Resource, Recovery & Recycling
Cradle-to-Cradle Design
Product Stewardship
Urban Planning
Life Cycle Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Cleaner Production
Waste Water Treatment;
Environmental Compliance,
Environmental Auditing;
Environmental Planning;
Project Management;
Environmental Management;
Environmental Research and Development.