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Important citations

The Current Status and Challenges Facing the Small-Scale Fisheries of Turkey

Analyzing gaps in policy: Evaluation of the effectiveness of minimum landing size (MLS) regulations in Turkey

Fisheries Mismanagement in the Mediterranean: A Greek Tragedy

Making history count: The shifting baselines of Turkish fisheries

The Marine Fisheries in Bulgaria's Exclusive Economic Zone, 1950–2013

Simulation of submesoscale variability of currents in the Black Sea coastal zone

From silent knowledge to spatial information – Mapping blue growth scenarios for maritime spatial planning

Emergence of the Marine Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management: A New Approach

Spatiotemporal changes of geomorphic environment in the Muriganga–Saptamukhi estuarine interfluve of Indian Sundarban in the context of climate change: a case study

A post-disaster gendered value chain analysis on seaweed farming after Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Vulnerability assessment through index modeling: a case study in Muriganga–Saptamukhi estuarine interfluve, Sundarban, India

Erratum to: Quantitative approach on erosion hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment: case study of Muriganga–Saptamukhi interfluve, Sundarban, India

Quantitative study on shoreline changes and Erosion Hazard assessment: case study in Muriganga–Saptamukhi interfluve, Sundarban, India

Fishers on the move

Fishing in distant waters

Seasonal migration, resource access, contestation, and conflict among fishers on the west and east coasts of Sri Lanka

Engaging students in planning for superfund site remediation and redevelopment.

Overview of Growth Pattern and Post-Harvest Techniques for Different Species

Climatic Impacts and Responses of Migratory and Non-Migratory Fishers of the Padma River, Bangladesh

Maritime security and the securitisation of fisheries in the Gulf of Guinea: experiences from Cameroon