Rupa Das

Department of Pathology, University of Pandit Raghunath Murmu, Baripada, India

  • Case Report   
    A Case Report on Nasal Entomophthoromycosis: An Uncommon Infection in a Twenty-Four-Year Young Male
    Author(s): Upasana Das*, Rupa Das and Smruti Swain

    Entomopthoromycosis is a fungal infection of the nose and Para nasal sinuses that is rather uncommon. Conidiobolus and Basidiobolus are the pathogenic organisms of medical significance. Basidiobolus, affects the limbs, buttocks, and back, while Conidiobolus spp, and affects the face and nose. Rhino facial infection invades the surrounding structures and causes facial deformity. The gold standard for diagnosing Entomopthoromycosis is histological proof of fungus and culture isolation. A twenty-four-year-old male with a nasal and forehead tumour is presented here. Broad, acetate hyphae surrounded by Splendore- Hoepple material and intense inflammatory infiltration was seen in the histological investigation. The fungus was visible using special stains like PAS and GMS. After surgical debridement, the patient was given Itraconazole. The edema was reduced after a month of constant antifung.. View more»

    DOI: 10.35241/2329-891X.23.11.376

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