Fetati H

Department of Pharmacovigilance, Research and pharmaceutical development Laboratory, University hospital establishment of Oran, Algeria

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    Descriptive Study of Drug Induced Liver Injury in Kidney Transplant Patients
    Author(s): Amina Berradia*, Mekaouche FZN, Achour N, Djoudad K, Fetati H and Toumi H

    Drug induced Liver injury (DILI) is one of the most common complications after renal transplantation. That’s why, we conducted a study wich aims to identify and describe cases of DILI that occurred after kidney transplantation at the University Hospital-establishment-Oran (UHEO). It is a retrospective study (June 2010 to March 2017), based on renal transplant recepients (RTRs) records archived at the kidney transplant unit of the nephrology department of UHEO. First, we have collected DILI characteristics required for the causality assessment by two methods: the naranjo et al method and the CIOMS scale. Our study found that 23% of renal transplant recipients developped suspected DILI. The concerned patients were predominantly young men (age ≤ 32 ans). Suspected DILIs were mainly cytolytic (57%), which is comparable to the study of .. View more»

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