Thermal Properties of Polyurethane-Polyisocyanurate (PUR-PIR) Foams Modified with Tris(5-Hydroxypenthyl) Citrate

Joanna Liszkowska, Bogusław Czupryński and Joanna Paciorek-Sadowska

New polyol (citrate) for the production of PUR-PIR foams was obtained. The hydroxyl number of the obtained compound is 496 mg KOH/g. The amount of water in the new compound was 0.98%. Due to this amount, the foam recipe does not need to be modified. The obtained foam series contain from 0.1 R to 0.5 R of the new compound. The T5% values were higher by about 50% for the foams examined under nitrogen. The foams showed similar T10% values under both atmospheres. The T20% were higher by around 15°C for foams heated in nitrogen. The difference in the T50% was circa 150°C and foams heated in oxygen registered better value. The foams showed slight decrease in the T5%, T10%, T20% and T50% values in both atmospheres, as well as a decrease in the softening temperatures, along with the increasing amount of the tris(5-hydroxypentyl) citrate compound in them. New compound is new product, doesn’t described in literature. It has good thermal properties as industrial polyols but it is cheaper. Foams with this product have good thermal properties and they may be used in the building industry for thermal insulation