Theoretical Background and Procedure for Life Review Psychotherapy Conducted by Nurses in Relation to Older People

Andrzej Brodziak, Agnieszka Wolinska, Alicja Ulman, Malgorzata Gadek and Alicja Rozyk–Myrta

The aim of this short communication is to stimulate the discussion on the question whether, indeed, as some say authors suggest-nurses are able to perform so called "life review psychotherapy." The authors of this short communication claim that this therapy has already the well-established theoretical background done in the realm of neural sciences. They present here a brief review of these findings.

The authors propose next a practical working procedure for the application of this form of psychotherapy by trained nurses. They emphasize that the proposed practical procedure becomes comprehensible only if the interested readers begin to try to apply it in their personal practice. This postulate of authors of necessity of personal experimentations with the proposed practical procedure is analogous to so-called "therapeutic tasks" which they proposed in their earlier papers.