Screening of Yellow Pigment Producing Bacterial Isolates from Various Eco-climatic Areas and Analysis of the Carotenoid Produced by the Isolate

Indra Arulselvi P, Umamaheswari S, Ranandkumar Sharma G, Karthik C and Jayakrishna C

The aim of the present was to isolate the microorganisms from different environment which is capable of producing high carotenoid pigments. Forty one soil samples were collected from different areas under different environmental and different climatic conditions. A total of 24 yellow pigmented colonies forming cocci shaped, gram positive bacteria were isolated. All the twenty four isolates were then subjected for carotenoid extraction using methanol as a solvent. High carotenoid producing isolates were confirmed by biochemical characterization and Mannitol salt growth. Of the 24 isolates tested, YCD3b showed highest production of carotenoid and it was confirmed through spectrophotometric analysis. Free Radical Scavenging Activity was studied by DPPH method. Isolate YCD3b displayed higher quantity of free radical scavenging activity compare to others isolates. Analysis of the peaks which were obtained at 450 nm indicated the presence of pigment, carotenoid.