Robust PID Tuning of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Using Harmonic Search Algorithm Based on Model Order Reduction

Ankush Rathore and Mahendra Kumar

The objective of this paper is to present Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Harmonic Search Algorithm (HSA) based on PID tuning and Model Order Reduction with Balance Truncation (MORBT). This method is used for constructing a second order balanced truncation model order reduction for symmetric linear time invariant third order control systems. These methods are closely related to the proper and improper controllability and observability Gramians and Hankel singular values of descriptor systems. The HS (Harmonic Search) algorithm mimics behaviours of music players in an improvisation process, in order to find a better state of harmony which can be translated into a solution vector in the optimization process. PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller provides sufficient stability margins and good time responses. It is now possible to design an optimal PID controller with properties of a GA and HSA. In control strategies, like PID controller are successfully designed to control the autonomous underwater vehicle. The elementary focus is to simulate the controller response.