Relationship between Organizational Culture with Efficiency of Directors in Islamic Azad University Branch of Shahr-E-Qods

Arezo Ahmadi Danyali

Today, desirable organization culture is one of the aspects of power and distinction among organizations. Organizational culture in each body fully reflects specifications, properties, powers and weaknesses in that organization reflecting its inside and outside characteristics in terms of director’s commitment to values, principles, beliefs, attitudes and other related options. Thinkers believe that in the same manner men has unique and distinguished personality, organizations, as well, have unparalleled personality for their culture which determines the necessity to identify organizations culture. Organizational culture is considered to be a descriptive term and the authorities and scientists believe descriptive study of dimensions of such indicator in identification of culture. Brief study of the country universities indicates that organizational culture suitable for training and research is found to limited extent in the said centers. Such factors made the researcher to perform an effective research with efficiency component in order to identify the organizational culture governing the organization.