Recovery Rate and Determinants in Treatment of Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition using Outpatient Therapeutic Feeding Program in Kamba District, South West Ethiopia

Negash Alemu Shanka, Sebelewengel Lemma and Direslgne Misker Abyu

Introduction: Globally approximately one million children die every year from severe acute malnutrition. It is reported that severe acute malnutrition(SAM) is the commonest reason for paediatric hospital admission in many poor countries; 25 to 30% of children with severe malnutrition die during hospital admissions.
Objective: To assess the success rate of OTP in treatment of children with SAM and identify its determinants at Kamba district, South West Ethiopia.
Method: Institution based retrospective longitudinal study was carried out on children who were treated on the OTP. A total sample of 711 was selected from 4 health centers and 12 satellite health posts. A structured and pretested data abstraction form were prepared and used for data collection. The data were cleaned, coded and entered into Epi-INFO, analyzed by SPSS. The results were estimated using Kaplan-Meier survival curves, log-rank test and Cox-regression.
Result: The recovery rate was 67.7% and the median recovery time was 7.14 weeks (IQR 5.28-8.14). Children treated at a health centers have 1.36 times higher recovery rate than children treated at health post (AHR = 1.495, 95% CI = 1.188, 1.881). Controlling for other factors; the probability of a child to recover from SAM under OTP is 1.25 times higher among children aged greater than two years old than those children aged less than or equal to two years old (AHR = 1.255, 95% CI = 1.012, 1.556).

Conclusion and Recommendation: The recovery rate was lower than the international standard. Type of health facility providing the OTP services and age of the child had significant association (at 0.05 P-value) with survival time among children who recovered from SAM under OTP. Special focus should be given to young children and decentralization of OTP service from health centers to health posts should be carried out with great caution.