Practical Applications of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation,Hybrid soft computing

Sukumar Senthilkumar

It is essential to have new computing techniques and algorithms because the computer evolution has changed human societies for communication, transportation, industrial production, administration, writing, and bookkeeping, technological advances/science, entertainment etc. It is well known that some problems cannot be solved through conventional hardware and software due to some drawbacks. Computing tasks have to be well defined, fairly predictable, and computable in reasonable time with serial computers in case of traditional techniques. In order to overcome such cumbersome, there are some alternatives such as DNA based computing (chemical computation), Quantum computing (quantum physical computation), Bio-computing (simulation of biological mechanisms) are proposed by various researchers. Swarm intelligence has gained very high priority among the researchers from different field like commerce, science and engineering etc. Recently much attraction is devoted for advanced, innovative and interdisciplinary research developments involving the theoretical, experimental and practical aspects of the two paradigms which are carried out in the fields of nature–inspired intelligent computation based on the principle of swarm intelligence and evolutionary algorithm.