Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Mango Squash Utilizing Chemical Preservatives during Storage

Muhammad Awais, Muneer Rehman, Malak Atiq Ullah Khan, Tariq Kamal

The aim of this study was to assess the physiochemical and sensory characteristics of mango squash and analyze the storage stability of mango squash preserved with the help of various selected chemical preservatives. Potassium metabisulphite and sodium benzoate were used as chemical preservatives. Total four squash samples were used which were named as T? (Control), T? (Sodium Benzoate), T? (Potassium metabisulphite) and T? (Potassium metabisulphite + Sodium Benzoate). They were packaged in plastic bottles. All samples were sealed properly and stored at room temperature. Samples were analyzed at seven days interval physiochemically (pH, TTS, TTA and AA), and for sensory characteristics (color, flavor and overall acceptability) for a total period of two months. Results clearly indicated that storage interval and preservatives had significant effect on physiochemical and organoleptic characteristics. All the treatments indicated a decreasing trend for ascorbic acid, pH, color, flavor and overall acceptability while increasing trend for total soluble solids and titratable acidity (%) during storage period. Total soluble solids increased maximum in T? (24.6%) and minimum in T? (3.1%). Increase in total soluble solids may be due to hydrolysis of polysaccharides. pH decreased maximum in T? (18.8%) and minimum in T? (3%), which may be attributed due to the breakdown of pectic substances into pectic acid. Ascorbic acid decreased maximum in T? (56%) and minimum in T? (11%) due to presence of oxygen product and other cause is head space in the product packaging. Acidity increased maximum in T? (47.5%) and minimum in T? (9%) due to high storage temperature and formation of acidic compounds by degradation and oxidation of reducing sugars. Overall acceptability score reduced maximum in T? (58%) and minimum in T? (16.2%). This might be due to the increased concentration of pulp, sugar and acid in squash, which hindered the changes in physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of mango squash during storage.

Published Date: 2021-09-23; Received Date: 2021-08-20