Mooring Analysis of Offshore Aquaculture Oceanic Farming Platform for Seaweed

Sulaiman OO, Kader ASA, Magee A and Othman K

Aquaculture activities are performed at close proximity to coastline and near shore. Issues and environmental impact concerns and challenges necessitate offshore aquaculture that required reliable structural integrity and mooring system design for ultimate state limit, fatigue state limit and accidental and progressive state limit against environmental loading and accidental loading. To avoid mooring system failure, selecting an appropriate breaking strength and limit state for mooring system components is necessary. Suitable mooring system has been designed by group of researchers at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. Valuable information was obtained from Technip and Bureau Veritas. The system has been tested in towing tank in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. This paper describes mooring system design that account for forces and environmental loadings. The paper describes evaluation of optimum mooring performance in wave and current loadings on mooring components anchor buoy and riser elements that are involved in the mooring system dynamics.