Lionfish (Pterois volitans [Linnaeus, 1758]) Show no Diet Preference and Sex Ratio Difference Between the Atlantic and Caribbean Coasts of Vieques, Puerto Rico

Lindsay M Ridlen and Marc C Albrecht

Invasive red lionfish (P. volitans) were captured by Hawaiian sling in the coastal waters of Vieques Puerto Rico. Specimens were weighed, measured for length, and dissected to determine sex and recover stomach contents for identification. Vieques Puerto Rico has the Atlantic Ocean on the north side, and the Caribbean on the south. We compared the measured parameters and found that there were no significant differences between fishes captured in the Atlantic versus the Caribbean. While there appeared to be a difference in the frequency of invertebrates eaten on two sides of Vieques, it was not statistically significant. This study indicates lionfish living in different habitats have a wide diet and may grow at similar rates in shallow coastal habitats.