Investigation of Integrated Coastal Management Planning Model: Problems and Solution Alternatives-Coasts of Sinop

Oylum Gökkurt Baki and Osman Nuri Ergun

Coastal areas have always been fairly important areas for communities in all over the world. Also, these areas contribute to economic and social values of the community while providing a habitat for marine species with their rich flora and fauna. From past to present, always being the first choice for humankind, coastal areas have also been the most affected by human activities. Sinop is a coastal city of Black Sea, which aimed to have an effective coastal management on environmental effects, social factors and economic elements submitting its natural beauties, history, ecological and morphological structure to the friendly use of humankind. By an effective coastal management planning of the city, it is aimed to establish and plan general policies for coasts of Sinop, which is one of the natural coastal cities of Black Sea and attracts attention with its natural beauties. With its natural beauties, coasts of Sinop was protected against environmental pollution and aimed to have areas where public can benefit from. The coastal management planning, which will enable coastal areas of Sinop to become a favorite coastal area in Black Sea, has to happen. In accordance with the purpose pointed out in the study, the effect of population, industry, tourism, fishing activities, coast and sea structures, environment and infrastructure on coastal areas was examined. Planning in the coastal areas was examined by obtaining environment plan, zoning, coast and filling plans of the city. The results obtained were evaluated with current regulations and proposals were presented on problematic areas.