Intrageneric and Intergeneric Phylogenetics Based on Available Mitochondrial Genes and Nuclear Gene Variation among Ten Peiratine Species: Nine Species of Ectomocoris Mayr and One Species of Catamiarus (Serville) (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Peiratinae)

Muthumari Manimuthu, Arumugam Ganesh Kumar and Dunston Philamon Ambrose

The phylogenetic analysis of a nuclear gene, 28S ribosomal RNA of two determined and three undetermined species of Ectomocoris Mayr and the mitochondrial gene, cytochrome C of three determined and one undetermined species of Ectomocoris and one species of Catamiarus (Serville) from Australia and Asia was made. It reveals the interspecific and intrageneric phylogenetic affinity among Ectomocoris and intergeneric affinity between Ectomocoris and Catamiarus. Moreover, the Cty c sequence analysis warrant further studies on the undetermined species of Ectomocoris and the validation of Catamiarus as genus or subgenus of Ectomocoris. The study also proves the usefulness of 28S rRNA and Cyt c oxidase subunit I genes as useful molecular markers in the phylogenetic analysis of the peiratine genera Ectomocoris and Catamiarus.