Influence of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Changes in Sleep Architecture in Older Adult - Epidoso Projects

Mayra dos Santos Silva, Luiz Roberto Ramos, Sergio Tufik, Sonia Maria Togeiro and Guiomar Silva Lopes

Background: Senescence is accompanied by changes in sleep parameters including fragmentation and increased abnormal respiratory events (apneas/hypopneas obstructive and central) with hypoxemia.

Objective: This project aims to investigate the influence of inspiratory muscle training through the Threshold® on sleep disorders.

Methods: The study involved the participation of 38 older adult volunteers of both genders with sleep disorders confirmed by polysomnography. Chosen patients underwent laboratory evaluation, cardiorespiratory assessment and evaluation of sleep, forming two groups: control group (Threshold® unloaded) and experimental groups (Threshold® loaded). The study lasted 8 weeks and frequency of 7 times per week, lasting 60 minutes each session.

Results: Showed a decrease in the fragmentation sleep and apnea/hypopnea index.

Conclusion: These results made us suggest that inspiratory muscle training can be a good help in the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders.