Estimation of Production Cost of Extended Restructured Mutton Chops Developed by Incorporating Pre-Optimized Level of Different Bind Enhancing Agents

Heena Sharma, BD Sharma, SK Mendiratta, Giriprasad R and Suman Talukder

Along with nutritive value and sensory acceptability of meat product, economics is also very important criteria that determine the marketability of any product. The characteristics of mutton such as high nutritive value and its gradual increasing demand in other countries provide a wide scope for its use in meat products processing. But in order for the meat sheep producer to survive, new avenues for marketing mutton must be created and it can be best accomplished by the production of value added products with appeal to Indian consumers. Therefore, the present study was envisaged to determine the production cost of extended restructured mutton chops by incorporating pre-optimized level of different bind enhancing agents i.e tamarind seed powder (1%), flaxseed flour (1%), gum tragacanth (0.1%) and gum acacia (0.5%) and compared with control and it was found that the cost of 1 kg product was worked out to be Rs. 244, 237, 240, 245 and 245 for control and treatments including TSP, FF, GT and GA respectively. The studies indicated that out of four bind enhancing agents, two of them i.e TSP and FF resulted in reduction in cost of ERMC by Rs.6 and Rs.3per kg, respectively as compared to control. Hence, it could be inferred that restructured mutton chops could be prepared with 10% extension and the quality can also be improved with 1% TSP incorporation to make it a profitable enterprise.