Economics of Preparation of Restructured Chicken Meat Blocks Extended with Different Vegetative Extenders

O.P.Malav, B.D.Sharma, S.Talukder and R.R.Kumar

Rapid urbanization and change in life style have increased demand for tasty, convenience and designer meat products; however, high cost of these products makes it difficult for an average consumer to include these products in their diet. Therefore the objective of present study is the production of low-cost meat products utilising vegetative extenders and comparison of production cost of extended products with the control product. Restructured Chicken Meat Blocks (RCMB) were prepared from a standardized formulation and were extended with optimized level of vegetative extenders viz., lentil flour, sorghum flour, potato, water chestnut flour and extender blend. Optimization of levels of extenders was done by different experiments based on sensory attributes and those having sensory status closer to control were selected. The cost of RCMB after replacement of lean meat with selected level of vegetative extenders and extender blend were compared among themselves to determine the most economic preparation. It was found that extended RCMB were cheaper than control products and among the extended RCMB least cost was for extender blend incorporated RCMB. The cost for extender blend extended RCMB and sorghum flour added RCMB were almost same but these were lower than potato, lentil flour and water chestnut flour added RCMB due to their higher yields and high level of replacement of lean meat. Thus it was concluded that formulation with extension of 15% extender blend at the cost of lean meat was most economic among the tested vegetative extenders.