Development and Storage Studies of Therapeutic Ready to Serve (RTS)Made from Blend of Aloe vera, Aonla and Ginger Juice

Sasi Kumar R, Ramesh C Ray, Prodyut Kumar Paul and Suresh CP

In present investigation the efforts have been made to prepare a therapeutic ready-to-serve (RTS) made from blend of aloe vera, aonla fruits and ginger juice extracts. The blended juice extracts were prepared by using different proportions of aloe vera, aonla fruits and ginger juice as 50:25:25(A), 60:20:20(B), 70:15:15(C) and 80:10:10(D).The different blends were homogenized and pasteurized at 8000 rpm for 2 min and 85°C for 10 minutes respectively. The prepared therapeutic RTS is complying with Indian standards for RTS fruits beverages. The blended therapeutic RTS were analyzed for its different physicochemical as well as sensory quality and sensory quality evaluated by adopting 9 point hedonic scale. Among different blended ratio for therapeutic RTS, sample C blended ratio of 70:15:15 was reached with highest sensory scores for overall acceptability. The developed RTS could be recommended for the large scale production at industrial level.