Complications of Maxillofacial Distraction Osteogenesis: A New Classification System

Prajwalit Prakash Kende, Ashish Sunilkumar Sarda*, Neha Aggarwal, Harsh Desai, Jayant Landge and Varthangpuii

Background: Widespread applications are possible with DO though it is a device dependant and technique sensitive procedure. With proper planning and execution, DO can become the gold standards for managing various maxillofacial disorders.

Aim: The aim of this literature review is to put forth a new classification system for the complications of distraction osteogenesis of facial skeleton.

Materials and methods: A detailed literature search was done on PUBMED, GOOGLE SCHOLAR and EMBASE from the year 1990 onwards. Any systematic review, randomized controlled trial, controlled clinical trial (CCT), retrospective/prospective study, literature of review classifying complications of distraction osteogenesis were included.

Results: Complications related to distraction osteogenesis classified by many authors including Paley, Samchukov, Mofid, Shetye, Norholt and Verlinden. Most of them were based on time, severity, tissues involved.

Conclusion: None of the given classification systems give a complete review on the complications and discuss the methods to prevent them. In this paper we intend to present a new comprehensive classification system of complications of DO which can be applied for avoiding complications in various phases of DO, decision making in their management and for the future studies related to maxillofacial DO.