Body Composition and Metabolic Risk Variables for Obesity in Korean Healthy Women

Kyurae Lee, Soojung Choi, Sohyun Jun, Kidong Ko, Incheol Hwang, Hanna Suh and Kyungkon Kim

Objective: To investigate which indices to relate with metabolic risk among body composition.

Design and methods: As a cross sectional study, a total of 47 healthy Korean women aged 40.36 years, BMI 25.59 kg/m2, were assessed their BMI, percent of body fat (BIA), fat mass by DXA, adipose tissue (CT), fasting insulin, free fatty acid, cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL cholesterol, fasting plasma glucose, and HOMA IR index.

Results: Neither dyslipidemia nor hyperglycaemia has any relation with central fatness indicators & BMI. Fasting insulin is related with %BF* after correction for age. Dyslipidemia and hyperglycemia tend to be greater in low insulin group. Among body composition, BMI, ** fat mass (DXA) **, %BF** except VAT, SAT, and V/S ratio of high insulin group are significantly higher than those of low insulin group. Although not significant, V/S ratio is likely to be higher in low insulin group. (*: p<0.05, **:p<0.01)

Conclusions: V/S ratio maybe a determinant to metabolic risks variables in healthy Korean women. Controlled lager cohort study would be considered in the future, to prove the association between SAT and metabolic derangement. In conclusion, %BF through BIA is considered as the major determinant to fasting insulin in Korean women.