Bioactive Components Retention in Processed Indian Gooseberry Products

Vinita Puranik, Vandana Mishra, Neelam Yadav and G.K.Rai

Indian gooseberry is a rich source of ascorbic acid and various other bioactive components when compared to other citrus fruits. Present work was carried out for the development and evaluation of bioactive components in processed products from Indian gooseberry. Indian gooseberry candy, bar and toffee were developed by standard procedures. Ascorbic acid content, polyphenolics and DPPH% scavenging activity was estimated in these processed products and the results were compared to amla to see the degradation of bioactive components during processing. Sensory evaluation was also carried out for the samples. Maximum amount of ascorbic acid content was found in Indian gooseberry candy with decreasing order in bar and minimum in Indian gooseberry toffee. Polyphenolics were determined in terms of gallic acid equivalent while antioxidant activity was evaluated as DPPH % scavenging activity. It was found that amla can be utilized for the development of various value added products which retains bioactive components even after processing.