A Review on Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Nano and Micro-sized Biomolecular Structures in Biological Aspects: Its Advancement and Advances

Sanjay Kannan*

Molecular dynamics is an essential role over the biological aspects in the technology of science. Biological experiments deal with the identifying and analyzing the biomolecular structures includes movement of the individual molecules over the period of time. Biological aspects include proteins, DNA, bioinformatics, drugs, chemicals, medicines and even in the food processing. Biomolecular structures include cells of nano and micro sized cells and even in angstrom. Though the going with the experiment is slight easier when compared to theory and simulations, there are some important limitations includes, it difficult to observe the individual cells though it is possible it is at low resolution and also makes difficult to calculate the forces and motions in theory. So, simulation makes the work easier and faster, doesn’t matter the structure of biomolecules is simple or complex and able to provide the exact result of the individual molecules or cell from refine high resolution. Molecular dynamics make itself a required one in every sectors mainly for researchers which makes them to observe the even a nano-sized atoms/molecules at refined resolutions. Molecular dynamics is the technology of dealing and simulating the motions of the system of molecules and applied to biomolecules which gives the variation in the comparative positions of the atoms or molecules in DNA or proteins over a time.

Published Date: 2023-07-28; Received Date: 2023-06-23