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Important citations

Management of infected mesh post laparoscopic transabdominal pre-peritoneal inguinal hernia repair

Case Series: Nasogastric (NG) Feeding Tube Misplacement in Critically Ill Tracheostomized Patients

The effect of Triticum sativum (wheat) germ on postpartum pain: A double-blind clinical trial

Why and how Starling’s law is killing patients in clinical practice in hundreds of thousands per year?

Clinical Profile and Outcome of Chest Trauma in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Castigating intraoperative bleeding: Tranexamic acid, a new ally

Free Tissue Transfer in Pediatric Lower Limb Trauma

Superior Mediastinal Teratoma- A Case Report with review of literature

Fine-needle aspiration cytology of mediastinal masses: An institutional experience

Prospective study of etiology of liver abscess and comparison of different ways of its management

Amoebic liver abscess in a 45-day-old baby: a case report

Pyogenic liver abscess: Clinical features and microbiological profiles in tertiary care center

Tranexamic acid in Neurosurgery: a controversy indication—review

A comparison between short- and long-term D-J stent in Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty for pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction.

Detection of Entamoeba histolytica and bacterial etiological agents in patients with clinically suspected cases of liver abscesses

Liver Abscesses in Tropics

Right main bronchus rupture associated with blunt chest trauma: a case report.

Human-in-the-Loop Predictive Analytics Using Statistical Learning.

Adenosine and lipids: A forced marriage or a love match?

Ultrathin free flaps for foot reconstruction: impact on ambulation, functional recovery, and patient satisfaction.