Dayu Kao

Dayu Kao

Dayu Kao
Assistant Professor  
Central Police University


Da-Yu Kao is an Assistant Professor at Department of Information Management, College of Police Science and Technology, Central Police University, Taiwan. He is responsible for various recruitment efforts and training programs for Taiwan civil servants, police officers or ICT technicians. He has an extensive background in law enforcement and a strong interest in information security, ICT governance, technology-based investigation, cyber forensics, human resource development, and public sector globalization. He was a detective and forensic police officer at Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau (under the National Police Administration). With a Master degree in Information Management and a PhD degree in Crime Prevention and Correction, he had led several investigations in cooperation with police agencies from other countries for the past 20 years. He can be reached at

Research Interest

CEH, CHFI, Antivirus Training, IRCA(International Register of Certificated Auditors) for ISMS, Analysis on Network Sniffer, Cyber Criminology, Cyber Forensics, Digital Evidence, Cyber-crime Investigation, Information Management, System Analysis, Criminal Profiling, Social Network Analysis, and so on.