VacA and cagA genotypes of H. pylori and IFN-γ expression in chronic gastritis and gastric cancer patients
International Congress on Bacteriology & Infectious Diseases
November 20-22, 2013 DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, MD, USA

Mart?nez-Carrillo Dinorah Nashely, Atrisco-Morales Josefina, Reyes-Navarrete Salom?n, Betancourt-Linares Reyes, Hern?ndez-Pando Rogelio, Illades-Aguiar Berenice, Rom?n-Rom?n Adolfo and Fern?ndez-Tilapa Gloria

Posters: J Bacteriol Parasitol


Helicobacter pylori represents the major cause of chronic gastritis, duodenal and gastric ulcer and gastric cancer. Clinical outcome of H. pylori infection is determined by the virulence factors of bacteria, environment and immune response of the host. A differential expression of cytokines between H. pylori positive and H. pylori negative patients or between gastritis and gastric cancer patients was reported. The aim of present study was to compare the IFN-γ expression between vacA and cagA genotypes of H. pylori in chronic gastritis and gastric cancer patients. Ninety-six patients with chronic gastritis and twenty with gastric cancer were recruited. H. pylori infection, vacA and cagA genotyping were accomplished via PCR from total DNA of gastric biopsies, the IFN-γ expression was determined by immunohistochemistry. Of the patients overall, 66 (56.9%) were infected with H. pylori, among patients with chronic gastritis 54 (56.3%) and 12 (60%) in gastric cancer were H. pylori positive. The predominant vacA and cagA genotypes of H. pylori were vacAs1m1 (87%) and cagA positive (77.8%) in chronic gastritis and 83.3% and 58.3% in gastric cancer. We observed a variation of expression of IFN-γ in patients with chronic gastric infected with H. pylori vacAs1m2 (83%) compared with vacAs1m1 (82%) and s2m2 (72%) genotypes and in patients infects with H. pylori cagA positive (82%) respect to H. pylori cagA negative (78.2%), similar dates were found in gastric cancer groups. The IFN-γ expression and vacA and cagA genotypes of H. pylori could be important factors that increase the damage in gastric mucosa.

Biography :

Mart?nez-Carrillo Dinorah Nashely has completed her master?s degree at the age of 29 years from Universidad Aut?noma de Guerrero. She has published 4 papers in reputed journals. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D.