The monumental health code- Vedic wisdom for millennium next
28th World Congress on Psychiatry, Psychological Syndromes & Therapeutics
May 21-22, 2018 | New York, USA

Mickey Mehta

Dr. Mickey Mehta′s Wellness Temples, India

Keynote: J Psychiatry


For time immemorial we have been blessed with long lifespans owing to our Vedic inspired lifestyle habits. But over the last few hundred years we humans have deteriorated ourselves into paranoid humanoids and have wreaked absolute havoc on our physical and mental health and wellness in our relentless pursuit of all things money and success. But with the growing awareness and re-discoveries of the treasures of ancient knowledge and wisdom, today‚??s leading scientists are once again accepting that our ancestors were truly enlightened beings when it came to holistic health and life sciences. The monu-mental health code is created by Dr. Mickey Mehta over three and a half decades of research and study of diverse ancient civilizations and cultural legacies from Vedas to Zen, from Greek to Oriental and from Tao to Tantra. There have been some beautiful common threads of holistic healthcare across these civilizations that span geographies and timelines. This code consists of ten monu-mental health commandments that will enrich and empower you to lead your life with this ancient wellness wisdom for the next millennium to come! Mickey will delve deep into these commandments and teach you how you can imbibe and practice these life-transforming habits to experience perfect health. The ten commandments are: Starting your day with breath for breakfast, adopting cosmic nutrition to experience the real food for gods, crafting wonder workouts for the body, mind and soul, learning zen rituals to hone mental faculties and unleashing your mind-power, using neurobics to perform par excellence, growing out of paranoid humanoid syndrome, mastering the art of response over reactions, transforming from dis-ease to ease naturally, experiencing super-to sound sleep and comatose to repose-moving beyond mindfulness to mindlessness in shoonyam meditations. These Ten Commandments form the code of living a truly monumental life throbbing with physical and mental dexterity for the futuristic humans of this millennium next- who evolve beyond smart efficient machines to invincible wise beings once again.

Biography :

Mickey Mehta is a global leading holistic health guru and wellness wizard. With over 36 years of research and experience in re-inventing fitness and wellness, he has been awarded a double doctorate in holistic health and life-sciences from the International Medicine Alternativa. He is the founder of Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Wellness temples and has pioneered numerous other intellectual properties in fitness and wellness across India. He has authored thousands of articles and columns on fitness, holistic health and wellness across his career. He has been felicitated with the Health and Wellness Icon Award by the prestigious Times Group. His latest gift to the world is in the form of his debut book-“The Shoonyam Quotient” which celebrates the ancient Vedic wisdom to help you tap into your infinium potential and experience the light of life. His mission is to make wellness the religion number one for an inclusive human evolution.
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