Suicide: Is it an international problem?
29th World Psychiatrists Meet

Asim A Shah

Baylor College of Medicine, USA

Keynote: J Psychiatry


Every 12 minutes someone dies from suicide in USA and every 40 seconds there is a death by suicide worldwide. It is the second leading cause of death in people with age 15-34. Fifty percent of suicides are gun related and still gun usage has not decreased. In this lecture, we will review risk factors, protective factiors and assessment of suicide.

Biography :

Asim A Shah is Vice Chair for Community Psychiatry and Professor of Psychiatry, Family and Community Medicine at Baylor college of medicine and Chief of Psychiatry for Ben Taub Hospital/Harris Health System. He is also the Director of Mood Disorder Research Program at Ben Taub and the Executive Director of Psychotherapy Services for Ben Taub Hospital. He has done numerous media presentations to National and International Radio/TV/Newspapers and has widely presented both nationally and internationally. He has received two Fulbright and Jaworski Awards, one for Teaching and Evaluation in 2012 and second for Educational Leadership in 2014. He also received Rising Star Clinician Award from Baylor in 2014. His current research is in the field of treatment resistant depression, and Ketamine.