Personalized e-Health systems from concept to framework
Global Summit on Telemedicine & eHealth
August 17-18, 2015 Houston, USA

Reza Safdari and Zahra Azadmanjir

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: Health Care: Current Reviews


Personalized e-Health systems have opened a new window for more acceptance of e-Health and telehealth services by patients. They may behave come with new healthcare model that is personalized medicine or health concept. Because, according to experts it will be technically dependent on EHR and personalized e-Health systems. As defined, personalized medicine is �??A form of medicine that uses information about a person�??s genes, proteins and environment to prevent, diagnose and treat disease�?�. In a broader sense personalized health means the adjustment of healthcare delivery based on patient healthcare needs, preferences, incentives and individual physical and mental features. Therefore, systems would be required that can be used systematically or intelligently from patient profile (that can include a wide range of data from socio-economic and preferences to genomic data) to provide diagnostic, preventive and curative services. Although the major usage of personalized e-Health is empowering patients with chronic diseases in self-management but these systems can be used for health management by healthy people (self-care) and will not limited to disease management. Clearly understanding the concept of personalized e-health systems, their boundaries or constraints which distinct them from the usual e-Health systems, frameworks governing them and existing standards (such as ES 202642-Personalization of e-Health systems by using e-Health user profiles) can help to better and pervasive development of these systems. In this paper, will be described major specifications of the systems so that can call them as personalized e-Health system and frameworks governing them including service discovery mechanisms, the technical and security considerations of user profile based on a literature review.

Biography :

Reza Safdari has PhD degree in Health Information Management. He is Associate Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He has published more than 29 papers in reputed journals. Zahra Azadmanjir is PhD student in Health Information Management, Tehran University of Medical Sciences.