Myocardial infraction and depression in patients admitted at All India Institute of Medical Science and Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medicine
28th World Congress on Psychiatry, Psychological Syndromes & Therapeutics
May 21-22, 2018 | New York, USA

Soumen Acharya

National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, India

Keynote: J Psychiatry


The total numbers of patients taken up were 100 who were admitted with MI. To find out the prevalence of depression we used dsm-1v criteria 26 patients were found to have major depressive disorder. Among them 10 were severe, 13 were moderate and three were mild according to HDRS score. Another 26 patients showed evidence of depressive symptoms which may be due to extreme subjective distress. There was no significant difference of demographic variables between patients with major depressive disorder. Mean frequency of life events was significantly higher in major depressive disorder group. Except type a behavior, depression was not associated with duration, types, risk factors, treatments and complications of myocardial infraction. Past and family histories of depression were identified as risk factors for major depressive disorder after infraction. The patients with myocardial infraction, sub-syndromal depression is suggestive of self-limited reaction while treatment of major depressive disorder may reduce overall distress of the patients. The type of result which was observed in AIIMS and SSIHM were found to have no difference at all.

Biography :

Soumen Acharya is working as Consultant at National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development New Delhi, India. Previously, he worked as Supervising Officer at All India Institute of Medical Science for 21 years’ and also worked in New Zealand. He published so many papers in a leading journal. He is the Life Member of organizations like: Social Psychiatry in India and Fellow of Social Psychiatry of India.
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