Left-handed medical professionals in a right handed world: An ergonomic challenge
3rd Indo-Global Summit & Expo on Healthcare
October 05-07, 2015 New Delhi, India

Apurva Lunia

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, India

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Health Care: Current Reviews


We live in a right-handed world. Even though about 10-12% of humans are left-handed, left-handedness is considered as an inconvenience in most professions of the world including the medical. The present study, Left Handed Medical Professionals, in a Right Handed World: An ergonomic challenge was undertaken to study existing/prevailing knowledge, attitude and practices, experiences to identify and collate the stresses regarding right handedness and left handedness and to recognize the need for facilitation of left-handed medical professionals- Medical Practitioners, Medical Teachers and Medical students. The study undertaken was an exploratory one. It was carried out in Jaipur, amongst Medical Professionals-doctors/ nurses, teachers, students etc. The study indicated 70% left-handed medical professionals are facing difficulties using the existing basic equipments (scissors, needle holders etc) and field specific equipments such as laryngoscope, Jockey of USG machine, endoscopy equipment, specific positioning at surgical tables, dental chairs, patient positioning use of microscope etc. Activities like tightening gripping, locking and releasing the instruments were also right biased in all surgical and medical equipments. They strongly felt the need for specialized equipments and procedures and had to exert to adapt themselves to support lefthandedness. Left Handed Medical Professionals contrary to their natural tendencies, face problems, lack availability to lefthanded instruments, accessories, work stations, protocols, practices and procedures etc. Left-handedness becomes a challenge to both doctors and their trainers in the current competitive scenario. This study took into account the perceptions of lefthanded medical professionals in their strenuous efforts of adaptation to a right-handed world.

Biography :

Apurva Lunia is a currently an MBBS Student from Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, India. With an outstanding academic and research background, she has experience of working as a Correspondent, Blogger for student medical magazines and various international medical blogs like New Media Medicine, The Node, Lexicon, Reporting on Health (USC, Annenberg) etc. She is the LO for SCORE and SCORA for Medical Student Association, India and she is a student Mentor/ Ambassador for Elsevier Publishing, Inspire Journal, Curofy and AAW. She is also a Medical Student Volunteer for Naya Sawera NGO and has conducted several healthcare workshops.

Email: [email protected]