Healthcare quality for international travelers and patients: What you should know?
Euro Health Care and Fitness Summit
September 01-03, 2015 Valencia, Spain

Suzanne Garber

Gauze, USA

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: Health Care: Current Reviews


The United Nations World Travel Organization announced that 1.087 billion people traveled internationally in 2013. In a study conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates, only 21% of travelers purchase travel insurance with half of them not understanding what said policies cover. The remaining 78% of travelers admit to never purchasing insurance for lack of value, yet both the foreign common wealth office and association of British travel agents estimate that one in five travelers becomes ill, requiring hospitalization, while traveling abroad. Armed with this information, I traveled to 24 countries in 2014 to understand the accessibility, affordability and quality of care for patients who primarily work, travel and study abroad. The findings will be revealed in an upcoming documentary titled, �??Gauze: A Thinly Veiled Look at International Healthcare�?�, to be released summer, 2015. While some conclude that healthcare offered in their home countries is superior to those in other countries, my findings produced evidence that demonstrates quality-driven, affordable and accessible care is available throughout the World, provided that the patient takes appropriate precautions prior to admission. Failure to prepare for a likely illness while away from one�??s home country can result in miscommunication and frustration at best and poor experiences and outcomes and beyond at worst. This session will explore the differences in healthcare across borders, the preparation every individual should take prior to venturing beyond one�??s home country and the questions to ask should one find herself in a foreign hospital.

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