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Excess molar Gibbs energies of heptan-2-one+ 1,4-dichlorobutane or 1,6-dichlorohexane: Comparison with values using the DISQUAC contribution model
International Conference on Applied Chemistry
October 17-18, 2016 Houston, USA

O Tafat-Igoudjilene and A Ait Kaci

University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Mod Chem appl


The purpose of this work was to determine the vapor-liquid equilibrium, of heptan-2-one+1,4-dichlorobutane or l,6- dichlorohexane with view to study the effect of specific interaction (carbonyl-chlorogroup) on the excess Gibbs energies of heptan-2-one+halogenated hydrocarbons. Halogenated hydrocarbons are manufactured in large quantities and have many applications (as refrigerant, organics solvents and medicines). The vapor pressure of the pure compounds and the binary mixtures were measured by means of a static apparatus at temperatures between (263.15 and 343.15) K. The apparatus allows measurements in the P ranging from 27 to 200 103 Pa and from 258 to 468 K .Vapor pressure was measured by means of pressure gauges (Rosemount, model 1151 DPE 22S2, Minneapolis, Minn, USA), protected by a differential (pressure indicator MKS, Mode1615D, MKS Instruments, USA). The experimental data of excess molar Gibbs energies, GE, have been compared with values using the DISQUAC group contribution model.

Biography :

O Tafat-Igoudjilenê is a Professor in Chemistry at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumedienne, Àlgeria. She has published l0 papers in reputed journals (in Thermodynamic) and has participated in several international conferences in Chemistry.

Email: tafinrah2OOÀ@y ahoo.fr