Could car seats be impacting our children′s mental health?
28th World Congress on Psychiatry, Psychological Syndromes & Therapeutics
May 21-22, 2018 | New York, USA

Jerry Sparby

YES Network/Building a World of Love, USA

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Psychiatry


Children pass through certain developmental periods on their journey from being an infant to a young adult. During these stages, huge changes physically and neurologically occur within their brains. However, certain environmental circumstances and interaction with individuals in that environment have a deep influence on how each child benefits from each developmental event. This presentation will help professionals understand there are so many factors/experiences impacting our children‚??s emotional being, from car seats to day-care policies. How do parents/individuals address these developmental issues? Our nonprofit ‚??Yes Network/Building a World of Love‚?? has been working and playing with kids in their neighborhoods for the past 4 years. We have also worked alongside parents and others in the neighborhoods to develop and reshape spaces to play. The staff has been determined to build a strong community and have kids playing outside during the days in their neighborhoods. We have learned that it is not just poverty but a number of contributing factors (chronic stress, inter-generational trauma, and patterns, etc.) causing kids to not be successful, have a bad attitude and not achieve academic success. Participants will learn about our experience, research, outcomes, and what we have learned about intergenerational trauma, chronic stress, and other strategies parents are using and its impact on child development. Kids‚?? IQ‚??s continue to rise, along with chatter in their heads, social anxiety, anger and other emotional issues. Research is saying 20% of kids are Hyper-sensitive/ another 20% Highly Sensitive. Presentation will review impact of car seats, classroom management, daycare procedures, Inter-generational Trauma and other societal impacts on mental illness..

Biography :

Jerry Sparby served over 40 years as a Public School Teacher, Principal and University Professor in Minnesota. He is the Executive Director/Therapist for the ‘YES Network/Building a World of Love’ based in MN. He has done his graduate and undergraduate work at Universities in Minnesota and his Counseling degree in Adler Graduate School in Minneapolis, MN. He works directly with intense kids, depression and suicide, veterans/police (their families) diagnosed with PTSD and coaching their parents on strategies to be more successful in dealing trauma and stresses with their children. He has joined the staff at Optimal Wellness Clinic and Center for New Medicine in Los Angeles, CA in 2012.
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