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Building a systematic methodology for selecting a key project management topic in clinical nursing
World Congress on Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare
September 07-09, 2017 London, UK

Chunlan Zhou

Nanfang Hospital-Southern Medical University, China

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Pat Care


Background & Aim: Project management, an effective way to schedule, control and plan, has been extended to nursing profession to improve patient outcomes. However, most of the studies are focused on the management methodology; there was a dearth of evidence regarding the approach to select a key project topic in clinical nursing practice which is essential to the success of a project. This paper aimed to introduce a systematic methodology for selecting a critical and significant project management topic in clinical nursing. Methods: A 4-step model was developed, starting with the basic requirements to select a project management topic (3-items including a specific aim, a clear understanding about the clinical problems need to be resolved, close relationship between subject and observation index), and followed by the orientation of project (4-items including attractive, benefit patient, improve nursing quality, and promote hospital benefits). The next step is the range of project (6-items including promote nursing technical, enhance nursing management, and better working environment, cost control, nursing invention, as well as equipment maintenance). Finally, the resource and methods of choosing a project could not be ignored (3-items including observation, check and interview). After determination of the topic, Plato, check sheet, histogram, and scatter diagram were used to analyse the current situation. Results: Between 2015 and 2016 years, 58 project management topics in clinical nursing were chosen and successfully conducted in a tertiary hospital in China guided by the 4-step model. Of these projects, two won the National First Prize; two won the National Third Prize and one won the National Outstanding Prize. The nursing quality and patient outcomes in the hospital have been increased significantly. Conclusion: The 4-step systematic methodology approach is an effective way to guide the selection of a key project management topic in clinical nursing.

Biography :

Chunlan Zhou is Director of Nursing Department of Nanfang Hospital - Southern Medical University; Editor-in-chief of Journal of Nursing; Vice-Chairman of humanistic care professional committee of Chinese Association for Life Care; Vice-Chairman of tumor nutrition care professional committee in China; Vice- Chairman of Guangdong Nursing Association; Chairman of Nursing Quality Control Centre in Guangdong Province and; Experts of identification of medical incident in Guangdong Province. She is an active researcher and has explored a range of subject areas including clinical nursing, community nursing and nursing education. She has published more than 100 papers in nursing core journals.