Bichectomy: A small and simple intraoral surgical procedure with great facial results
30th International Conference on Dental Science & Advanced Dentistry
May 22-23, 2017 Las Vegas, USA

Simone de Lucas

Professor of Bichectomy, Surgery for Dentists, Brazil

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Dentistry


Nowadays Bichectomy is the esthetic facial procedure most frequently performed surgery in countries like Brazil, USA, Japan, Venezuela and Mexico. The procedure described had been around since 1980, the technique became very popular thanks to social media. This technique consists of the intraoral elimination of an encapsulated adipose tissue (Bichat´┐Ż??s fat pad). It is located within the face between two muscles. When it is removed, the effect is discreet, yet provides the desired the blush mark. This procedure is for both men and women, even with ideal weight present and have existing big cheeks and round face. The intention is lengthen, outline and establish facial contours providing gains on self-esteem. Bichectomy is also indicated to treat facial asymmetries and for patients that bite the inside of their cheeks. In facial harmonization, the bichectomy is value procedure, since it provides as marked and dominant mandible, as well as powerful and sensual impression, which are highly valued characteristics. In his presentation, the author will address the following topics: How happens the facial aging signs? Who are ideal patients for Bichectomy? And will show the final results, as well as the success techniques used for more than 150 patients in Brazil. In addition, the author will discuss topics like accidents, complications, risks and occurrences.

Biography :

Simone de Lucas is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, graduated in Dentistry School from Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes (UMC). She is a Member of the Brazilian Society of Botulinum Facial Implants and Member of Brazilian Academy of Orofacial Aesthetics. Currently she teaches Bichectomy in Instituto Brasileiro de Odontologia e Pesquisa (IBOP), Faculdade do Centro Oeste Pinelli Henriques (FACOPH).