Analysis of intellectual properties on animal derived regenerative, implantable medical devices
7th Annual Conference on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
August 04-05, 2016 Manchester, UK

Hongman Wang and Chunying Li

Peking University Health Science Center, China
Peking University Health Science Library, China

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Stem Cell Res Ther


This article analyzes and summarizes issues of intellectual property involved in animal derived regenerative, implantable medical devices (ADRIMD) in order to better understand global trends in patent applications and disclosures, the legal status of patent families (i.e., sets of patents filed in various countries to protect a single invention) and International Patent Classification topics such as main assignee and core expertise. Analysis of research trends will enhance and inform the decision making capacity of researchers, investors, government regulators and other stake holders as they undertake to develop, deploy, invest in or regulate ADRIMD.

Biography :

Hongman Wang is a Doctoral Supervisor, Director of Center for Health and Social Development at Peking University Health Science Center. She has conducted extensive research within the field of medical sociology such as development of medical devices industry, medical insurance and medical education. She has published more than 130 papers in reputed journals.

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