A continuum paradigm of psychopathology: Narcissism as the core construct of mental illness
29th World Psychiatrists Meet

Nasri Jacir

Ahliya University, Jordan

Keynote: J Psychiatry


Recommendations for DSM-V (2013) include complementing the current standard categorical approach with a dimensional approach. The paper proposes that the authorâ??s development of the Narcissistic Spectrum Personality Questionnaire (NSPQ) based on Lowenâ??s (1985) definition of narcissism as the denial of the true self may potentially provide the framework for designing a measurement tool to assess psychiatric disorders on a continuum. The scale was not designed to assess extremes of narcissism where Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD-DSM-IV) lie, rather, the scale attempted to develop a quantification of continuous narcissism. The authors aimed to expand the definition of narcissism using self-psychology constructs inherent in the original mythological conceptualization. The NSPQ was given to a random outpatient clinic population. The sample included 112 patients referred to the clinic located in Amman, Jordan for initial assessment. The sample distribution according to their diagnosis were as follows, psychotic (6.3%), ADHD (18.8%), anxiety disorders (46.4%) and affective only or mixed affective and anxiety disorders (28.6%). Results found that, the internal validity for the NSPQ supported by corrected item total correlation as well as item difficulties according to one model item response theory. The construct validity was further supported by Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and empirically validated by the 3 proposed sub-factors (self-denial, guilt, self-destructiveness) into the main construct (narcissism). Data revealed a trend towards supplementing axis I disorders where the NSPQ traversed across various axis I diagnosis in a linear and statistically significant differentiating pattern as revealed by the ANOVA result. The overall result of this research supports the concept of a continuum model that may be used in supplementing the current diagnostic categories of the DSM. The results were discussed and recommendations for implementation and further research were suggested.

Biography :

Nasri Jacir is working as a Director at Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Integrative Clinic.