Research Article - (2016) Volume 8, Issue 7

Local Thermal Impact on Microcirculation Assessed by Imaging Photoplethysmography

Alexei A Kamshilin1*, Angelica V Belaventseva2, Roman V Romashko2,3, Yuri N Kulchin2,3 and Oleg V Mamontov1,4
1Department of Computer Photonics and Videomatics, ITMO University, Kronverksky Pr, St. Petersburg, Russia
2Institute for Automation and Control Processes of FEB RAS, Radio St., Vladivostok, Russia
3Far Eastern Federal University, Sukhanova St., Vladivostok, Russia
4Almazov Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Center, Akkuratova St., St. Petersburg, Russia
*Corresponding Author: