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Important citations

Ten Years of Operation of a Small Belgian Medium-Security Unit—How Are We Doing?

Patients are changing – The ripple effects of changing the law and creating new forensic beds in Belgium

Students’ Self-Efficacy and Motivation in Emergency Remote Learning

Teachers' Perception of Student Coping With Emergency Remote Instruction During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Relative Impact of Educator Demographics and Professional Adaptation and Adjustment

Influence of COVID-19 on the Perception of Academic Self-Efficacy, State Anxiety, and Trait Anxiety in College Students

Ten Years of Operation of a Small Belgian Medium-Security Unit—How Are We Doing?

Anxiety symptoms in depression: are they related to antidepressant treatment and its sideeffects?


Forgiveness therapy in a maximum-security correctional institution: A randomized clinical trial

Trauma and healing in the underserved populations of homelessness and corrections: Forgiveness Therapy as an added component to intervention

Dual trajectories of loneliness and depression and their baseline correlates over a 14-year follow-up period in older adults: Results from a nationally representative sample in Taiwan

Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Loneliness Feeling among Elderly at Zagazig City

Intolerance of Uncertainty and Loneliness in Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Effect of Embedded Lies on the Verbal Quality of Statements and Implications for Credibility Assessment

Does Omission of Information Increase Apparent Guilt?

Detecting false intentions using unanticipated questions

When Do False Accusations Lead to False Confessions? Preliminary Evidence for a Potentially Overlooked Alternative Explanation

Innocent of the crime under investigation: suspects’ counter-interrogation strategies and statement-evidence inconsistency in strategic vs. non-strategic interviews

Exploring the understandings and experiences of cyber violence amongst teenage girls.

Examining Age and Gender Influences on Lexical Decision-making When Describing Peer-Aggression