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Important citations

From Weapon To Wall: Investigating The Link Between Cast-Off Bloodstain Patterns, Blood Dynamics And Assailant Kinematics

Study of CCTV Footage Based on Lower-Limb Gait Measure for Forensic Application

Interpolation function for approximating knee joint behavior in human gait

Human Gait identification System

Siblicide: The Psychology of Sibling Homicide

?nsan yüzü üzerinden titre?im sinyallerinin frekans karakteristiklerinin incelenmesi

Canl? Dokularda Titre?im Etkisinin Ölçümü ?çin Yeni Bir Sistem Tasar?m? A New System Design for Measuring Vibration Effect in Live Tissues

Novel In-vivo Microscopy Technique for Internal Bleeding Using Transparent Fish

Body-worn cameras: a useful tool for police incident reconstruction

Experimental Investigation of Human Soft Tissue Behavior for Constructing Human-Robot Contact Force-Displacement Measuring System

Median and Maximum Frequency Analysis of Vibration Signals on Human Face

Development of a surrogate bruising detection system to describe potential bruising patterns associated with common childhood falls.

Marmarou-type Impact Tests to Investigate Criteria for Avoiding Bruises in Extremities by Human-Robot Contact

Contribution of injury biomechanics to traffic collision reconstructions: A case report

Injury biomechanics in aircraft crash-landing reconstruction

Gamma Correction 99mTc-HDP Pinhole Bone Scan of Trabecular Microfracture and Endosteal Rimming in Rat

Evaluating the evidentiary value of the analysis of skeletal trauma in forensic research: A review of research and practice

Novel In-vivo Microscopy Technique for Internal Bleeding Using Transparent Fish

Negative pressure wound therapy: multi-scale computational study

An optimal control approach to implant shape design: Modeling, analysis and numerics