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Journal h-index 2
Important citations

Organogenesis and Distribution of the Ocular Lymphatic Vessels in the Anterior Eye: Implication to Glaucoma Surgery Site Selection

Extraocular, periocular, and intraocular routes for sustained drug delivery for glaucoma.

Organogenesis and distribution of the ocular lymphatic vessels in the anterior eye

Macular Hole Caused by Retained Subfoveal Perfluorocarbon that Subsequently Closed After Its Spontaneous Resolution: A Case Report

Risk factors associated with myopia in schoolchildren in Ireland

Types of Lamp for Homework and Myopia among Chinese School-Aged Children

Development of Experimental Myopia in Chicks in a Natural Environment

Time Outdoors at Specific Ages During Early Childhood and the Risk of Incident Myopia

Prevention and Management of Myopia and Myopic Pathology

IMI – Myopia Control Reports Overview and Introduction

Exposure to Sunlight Reduces the Risk of Myopia in Rhesus Monkeys

A Review of Current Concepts of the Etiology and Treatment of Myopia

Does Vitamin D Mediate the Protective Effects of Time Outdoors On Myopia? Findings From a Prospective Birth Cohort

IMI – Interventions for Controlling Myopia Onset and Progression Report

Light Exposure and Physical Activity in Myopic and Emmetropic Children

Prevalence and risk factors of active trachoma among primary school children of Amhara Region, Northwest Ethiopia

Lysyl Oxidase Like 1: Biological roles and regulation

Ligustrazine induces viability, suppresses apoptosis and autophagy of retinal ganglion cells with ischemia/reperfusion injury through the PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway

Review on the Use of Topical Ocular Hypertonic Saline in Corneal Edema

Unilateral leukemic infiltration and acute angle closure as the first sign of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse