Zhen Yang

Zhen Yang

Zhen Yang
Merck Pharmaceuticals


Zhen Yang, Ph.D. is a senior scientist of biopharmaceutics at Merck. Prior to joining Merck, Dr. Yang led a clinical bioanalytical lab as Supervisor at Texas Medical Toxicology for 1 year. Zhen obtained his Ph.D. at University of Houston focusing on oral drug absorption, metabolism, and related drug transporters. In his master program at Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, he worked on development of transdermal drug formulation.
Zhen\s main research area is to support oral formulation development at various development stages. In addition, Zhen will lead and collaborate with colleagues in identifying and evaluating opportunities for alternate route of drug delivery in both drug discovery and late stage development.
Zhen published more than 25 papers in several peer-reviewed journals, 2 book chapters and 10 more conference abstracts in the areas of biopharmaceutics, formulation and bioanalysis.

Research Interest

1) Biopharmaceutical evaluation of drug absorption, metabolism, disposition and excretion.
2) Develop drug delivery systems and provide expertise for formulation choice and optimization, specializing on oral and intraoral/intranasal routes.
3) Develop various analytical methods to identify or quantitatively determine small molecular drugs and proteins