Yuanyuan Xu

Yuanyuan Xu

Yuanyuan Xu, PhD
Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, School of Public Health
China Medical University, China


Dr. Xu is a postdoctoral fellow in the National Toxicology Program Laboratory, DNTP at NIEHS. She received her doctorate in Occupational and Environmental Health from China Medical University in 2009, where she conducted molecular epidemiological studies of arsenic methylation and oxidative stress in populations exposed to arsenic in drinking water. In 2010, Dr. Xu joined NIEHS as a postdoctoral fellow and is studying the role of stem cells in arsenic and cadmium carcinogenesis. She found the arsenic- transformed malignant epithelial cells can recruit nearby but non-contiguous normal stem cells into a cancer-stem-cell-like phenotype. In addition this recruitment is not specific to arsenic, but may apply to some other carcinogens. She is the first author or co-author of 18 peer-reviewed articles and a reviewer for Food Chem Toxicol, Int J Environ Res Public Health and Arch Toxicol. As a postdoc, she has won the 2013 Best Postdoctoral Publication Award selected by SOT Postdoctoral Assembly, the 2013 SOT Metal Specialty Section Award, the 2012 SOT Stem Cells Specialty Section Award (1st place), the 2010 NC SOT PARC award, and the 2011 SOT Metal Specialty Section Award (2nd place).

Research Interest

Environmental toxicology
Cancer stem cell