Yoshimi Niwano

Yoshimi Niwano

Yoshimi Niwano
Executive Editor
Tohoku University, Japan


Establishment of screening system for hepatotrophic agents and anti-hyperlipidemic agents
•Discovery of wound healing effect of malotilate (Kantec, drug used clinically for liver cirrhosis) and following extensive research on clinical development 
•Establishment of screening system for topical/systemic antifungal agents and cell-adhesion inhibitors as anti-inflammatory agents
•Extensive research on antifungal activities of lanoconazole (Astat, topical imidazole  antimycotic launched in Japan in 1994)
•Discovery of extremely potent antifungal activity of NND-502 ( optically active imidazole antimycotic) and following extensive research on its antifungal activities for clinical development
•Introduction and establishment of inovative statisticcal analysis system
•Extensive screening for anti-obese foodstuffs harvested in Okinawa (in collaboration with a domestic University)
•Extensive screening for anti-oxidant foodstuffs (in collaboration with a domestic University)
•Intensive research on industrial utilization of red tide plankton a domestic University and a National Research Institute)
•Application of free radical research to the treatment of infectious diseases (conducted in Tohoku University)
•New application of polyphenolic compounds to biological systems (conducted in Tohoku University)

Research Interest

Engaged in research works on biochemistry, immunology and pharmacology for three decades as a researcher and thereafter as a study director